Grishko 2007 Pro-Flex Pointe Shoes

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Shoes have a U-shaped medium vamp, medium platform and based on the «Grishko 2007».

PRO-FLEX fits all types of feet, and it is specially recommended for performances where flexibility and quietness are most important.

Also can be used for ballet performances that require a small muscles work and a softer insole. 

Being such a lightweight, this shoe requires very little breaking in time - a professional can simply put it on and dance immediately, quietly and effortlessly!

It can also be used by beginners who are working mainly at the barre on Pointe Grishko-2007. 

The sound deadening materials integrated into the pleats beneath the box make the shoe super silent.

New, more flexible material used for the inner sole helps to save muscle energy while dancing.

The shoe is extremely flattering, supportive, flexible and lightweight. 

The model is made with two innovative technologies:

FLEX technology used in the shank construction ensures easier roll-up from demi-pointe to pointe.