Body Wrappers Stretch Canvas Ballet Shoe

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The Bodywrappers 246A (formerly 246E) Wendy by Angelo Luzio Total Stretch Canvas Ballet Shoe is made of antibacterial, moisture wicking Stretch Canvas to provide an anatomically curved last for left and right fit. This split sole shoe features a stain resistant material, is well cushioned with a spongy cotton heel insole, and is machine washable. Also features pre-sewn criss-cross elastics with elastic drawstring.

Fitting guidelines:

Width: Medium

Children order same as street shoe size. 

Ladies for comfort fit order 1 1/2 to 2 sizes down from street shoe size.  For a tighter fit order 2-2 1/2 sizes down from street shoe size.

Men order same as street shoe size.

Please note that this is merely a guideline and not a guarantee to fit and does not take into account personal preference and desired growing room.