Bloch Adult Anti-Bacterial Soft Stretch mask

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Expected release date is MAY 15


Product Information Bloch A001 masks with Perma-material ("Permanent Anti-Bacterial") are specially designed face masks with comfort and safety in mind. With dual layers of soft stretch material and inherent anti-bacterial treatment, the Bloch A001 mask is ideal for all climates and comfortable for all day use

These masks have been made with high density fabric which filters out PM2.5 dust (up to 85%) and small airborne fluid droplets which carry harmful microbes. This has been made possible with the manufacturing process which embeds Nano Zinc Oxide particles in the fabric's fibers and is machine washable

The anti-bacterial treatment is a permanent attribute that comes from mixing Nano Zinc Oxide into the base polymers, forming the Nano Zinc staple fibers

This method makes Nano Zinc cooperate within the fibers and will not dilute, unlike the textile coating method. Test results show that even after 150 washing cycles, the engineered fibers continue to prevent bacteria growth by 99.9%. 

Design Dual layers of soft stretch material with elastic loops and adjustable stoppers

Material Information 

0 43% Polyester zinc, 52% Cotton & 5% Spandex 

Washing and Care Instructions 

o Machine wash with mild soap

O To maintain effectiveness, do not tumble dry or use bleach 

Product Features 

o Two layers of high density fabric for protection 

from dust, pollen, bacteria and airborne droplets o Prevents fungal growth for the life of the product o Fabric prevents odors caused by moisture and bacteria

o 25% higher UV protection than normal fabric

o Anti-dust

o Washable and reusable, without harmful chemicals going into the environment

O Environmentally friendly

o Zinc oxide has been proven to improve skin quality

O Adjustable stoppers for ear loops